Johan Borge

Mr. Borge was born in April 1977, is a CEO of the Texas Capital Real Estate, LLC. Real Estate Investing firm. This is where he does all his real estate investing. He work with local investor to find deals as well as partners up to obtain a good Return of Investment for their money. He has Launch several businesses example. is to keep the equine community together. He started a business with his wife for promotional products name " Developing Relationship Under Justify Operating Promotions. He owns his own Dealership call AutoMech Space where he flips cars just like he does with his real estate investing.

Business Building Academy "" is a company that his Role is as a Director and now he is a co-founder for He works with several entrepreneurs as he is one himself. His newest company is where Meets

Prior to his current role, Mr. Borge served as an Enterprise Consultant at the Executive Marketing level within the Dell Americas and Product Group organizations. He worked in a BPI project that helped Dell save $500,000 dollars in a single group project and later became a mentor to help others do BPI projects. He successfully saved the company $53 Million in 1 quarter alone. He also served as Technical Support with Dell's Enterprise Systems Group and major account in Latin America and Brazil.

He loves to travel and have been in many places for his ventures from USA to South America and Europe.

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