bba-logobwtm_tn.jpgOur mission is to help foster communication between entrepreneurs and investors around the globe and to be a resource for the best, applicable business and investing education available today. At Business Building Academy we strive to be the first place you go to get your business and investing questions answered.

Business Building Academy is a social education platform that helps entrepreneurs and investors seeking to start a business or improve their current enterprise. Business Building Academy offers a unique platform to help with questions in any business or investing related fields. In providing answers the community will see you as the go-to expert in your field.

As investors and entrepreneurs we know how many questions you have day in and day out that you need to get answered to maintain and grow your business. However asking a lawyer, business consultant or other professional for every single question can be very expensive over time. Business Building Academy offers you a great place to get started to answer some of these questions. Post them in the Ask the Expert or a related Discussion group and get one of our community experts to answer your questions.

With the information you gather and the things you learn from BBA's Community of Experts you will be able to contact your trusted advisors with much more direct and clear questions, which will allow them to help you in a much less time, ultimately saving you lots of money in the long run. (WARNING: ALWAYS contact your trusted advisor before applying any strategy or advice from this website. Business Building Academy is not responsible for the content provided by users. Please see terms of use for details.)

We are constantly seeking to make your visit to both an entertaining and educational experience.  We commit to this by constantly reassessing the user-friendliness of the site and by encouraging and monitoring quality-rich educational uploads from our users.

We also provide Continuing education classes for Realtors, Mortgages and other professions at discount prices. For business owners you can expose your business to your local entrepreneurs and investors. We hope to help connect and provide you with education for your current business or new business.

Underlying our mission is the ambition to unleash as many philanthropists as we can upon the world.