Business Building Academy was created with a main concept in mind. To connect people and educated them by helping each other about real estate and entrepreneurship, its opportunities, and of course its challenges.  For many years, we’ve been successfully investing in commercial and residential real estate and know from personals experience that unless you have a mentor or someone who can advise you when necessary, the process and result of your investing could be disasters at times - that’s when we come in to prevent you from unnecessary loses and guide you to the right path.  Among these and many other services, we also offer continuing education classes and sale educational materials for the real estate agents, brokers, professionals with continued education classes as well and member get a discount to take the classes online.

What makes us different to the other real estate clubs or Entrepreneurship club in the area?  We’re not trying to recreate the wheel; our goal is the opposite. Our website was strategically designed with a power of social networking - to bring real estate professionals and other entrepreneurs together to create a joint community. In this community we applaud members to share their knowledge and experience with others, communicate, ask questions, promote their business, but most importantly NETWORK with others – all from the comfort of their own home. Our concept is simple: in this DNA we are busier than ever and our time is precious, so are our families. That’s why we offer many different features to make your life easier but still make connections with other professionals.  One of the most favorite features we offer is the Live Webcast, which allows you to be a part of our monthly meetings and watch our speakers and ask them questions, without having to actually be there in person.  We also offer recorded past meetings and other educational videos which you can watch anytime at your own convenience. Our website allows many exciting features, so dig in and be part of an exciting and refreshing business platform where people don’t compete with each other – they work together!

"Success has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself. It's what you do for others."
~ Danny Thomas ~