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U.S. Department. of Housing and Urban De
The federal agency overseeing the Federal Housing Administration and various other housing and community development programs.

The application of formal guidelines that provides specific perameters and standards for determining whether a loan should be approved or not.

Undivided Interest
The ownership right to use and possession of a property that is being shared among multiple co-owners, and no one co-owner having exclusive claim to any portion of the property.

Unencumbered Property
A property owned free and clear.

Unilateral Contract
An obligation accepted by one party contingent on the performance of a second party, but without obligating the second party to perform the specific action.

Unimproved Property
Land that is undeveloped, without construction, and has no site preparation (raw land).

Unrealized Gain
The amount of money of current market value minus cost for an asset that is not sold.

Unrecorded Deed
An instrument that transfers title from one party (grantor) to another party (grantee) without having been recorded, and no public notice of the change in ownership having been made.

Urban Renewal
The redevelopment of deteriorated sections of a city, often by demolition and new construction, can be privately funded, but is usually in association with government renewal programs.

The right to use someone else's property, or income from someone else's property.

Charging an interest rate exceeding the amount permitted by state law.

Utility Easement
Using another's property to lay water, gas, sewer and/or electric lines.

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